On Good Day Columbus, two members of HDSA's National Youth Alliance (NYA) talk about 12 Days of NYA, how Huntington's disease has affected them, and the upcoming Celebration of Hope event for HDSA's Central Ohio Chapter.

Anna Lunsford is the Regional Lead Chair for the National Youth Alliance. She is a graduate of Ohio State. Her father tested positive for the gene that causes HD and Anna tested positive three years ago. This was around the time she joined the NYA. In 2018, she won the HDSA Youth of the Year Award. She ran the 2018 Chicago Marathon for HDSA and raised more than 3,000 between 2018-2019. She was unable to run the next year due to illness.

Hallie Kile is a member of the NYA and the 2019 HDSA Youth of the Year Award winner.

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